In person or Telehealth

Counseling can be helpful to clarify issues, adjust to change, manage thoughts and emotions, develop positive coping mechanisms, improve relationships, and live the best journey possible.


Geriatric Care Management is the process of planning and coordinating the care of older adults to meet their specific needs, maintain independence as long as is safely possible, and improve the quality of their journey of life.

Life is ever-changing…

…and full of big events and small moments, smiles, tears, peaks and valleys, triumphs and disappointments. We don’t always end up where we expected or in the timeframe we expected. The journey is different for everyone and there is no roadmap. Aging Interventions, Inc is here to offer counseling and care mangement and partner with you on this journey.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say: 

Karen is amazing! I was apprehensive and nervous about starting therapy, but she’s really helped me work through a lot and is a constant source of support and knowledge. She is responsive to my feelings and is specialized in a lot of subsections. Therapy has become something I look forward to and I would absolutely recommend her as a therapist.

Best therapist ever!!! Karen has completely changed my life! I had four sessions with her and she helped me transform every corner of my life (work, dating, school, etc.). She’s a great listener. I love all of her inspiring, mindful comments. She’s very encouraging and affirming! Karen is truly a pleasure to talk to and a wonderful person. I feel so at peace and balanced after my conversations with her.

Karen is so kind and understanding. I feel she actually listens to me and supports me well in our sessions!